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advocateschandigarh.com is a portal that enables its users to find and reach out to the best advocate, lawyer & law firm of their Choice in Chandigarh, Panchkula & Mohali. We list and register only the “verified” accounts of advocates and lawyers in Chandigarh and strive to provide a seamless experience for the users. WE ENCOURAGE USERS TO READ OUR Review Policy | Liability DisclaimerTerms of UsePrivacy Policy and wish that the user makes the right and informed choice while using this portal and selecting for themselves the best lawyers, advocates and law firm in Chandigarh. Our motto is to help clients avail the best legal services in Chandigarh to their complete satisfaction and peace of mind.





In a perfect world (semi), if you’re breached, damaged and compromised by an illegal act of someone, you resort to a lawyer – to help with the restoration of your rights, and to undo the illegal damage caused to you. The issue comes when the lawyer damages you further. Where do you go now? You’ve lost your money, your time, and the most precious – your only chance at justice. Money doesn’t pain as you can earn it back. But, the other two, they’re lost forever!

It is the 21st Century, yet for an innocent Indian commoner, litigation and court process comes as a nightmare! With limited knowledge of the law and almost no knowledge of the procedural application, the common man often ends up misguided, harassed and frustrated at the hands of lawyers. This is where advocateschandigarh.com attempts to bring a respite.

In a personal survey conducted on 500 people in 2014, between the age-group of 25-50, 196 admitted that at some point of time in life, they had been to, or, dealt with a lawyer. The figure came to about 39% (way above our assumption of 10-20 %). Out of these 196 people, only 17 confidently admitted that their experience with their lawyer was good. However, these people also admitted that they had approached a lawyer only for basic documentation and petty jobs such as documentation, filing of driving license application, registering a lease deed etc. Further, 74 people said that they have experienced litigation directly or by closely observing a family member embroiled in one, and revealed that their experience has been terrible. These are real figures. No matter how much one tries to deny, or shies away from taking any of its responsibility, it is a fact that people of India are disappointed in their lawyers.

However, if you see the other side of the same coin, you’ll probably find some very hardworking and dedicated lawyers, who are as equally disappointed in the Indian Legal System.

The lawyer community often laments the fact that the police mechanism is rotten by corruption. Indian Administrative, Legal and Judicial Systems can prove to be dense and frustrating.  There are enough factors at play such as – backwardness, illiteracy, work-load, low paying capacity of the clients, impatience, default by lawmakers, default of judiciary, and too often a default of police and administration – thus making it a massive, unsolvable and vicious a circle. In spite of everything falling apart, the community blamed the most, happens to be that of lawyers. Even the most renowned and hardworking lawyers have, at least, at some point of time in their careers, become a victim of the prejudice. How mainstream is this prejudice is reflected in the fact that lawyers have a tough time finding rental accommodation or availing a loan from a bank. The prejudice also terribly affects the client-attorney relation causing hindrance in building a bond of trust. Sad, we live in a world where the good side often loses – be it an innocent client in the court, or, a hard working lawyer in the society.

Ultimately, the question emerges:

Is there a possibility of change?

If yes, can it be strategically implemented?

As an attempt to answer the above we came up with the idea of advocateschandigarh.com



We are a solution!

Our strategy is simple:

  • To encourage transparency in dealings by way of a WRITTEN SERVICE CONTRACT between the client and the lawyer. A Vakalatnama is not enough. In fact, a good law office always signs an elaborate contract with the client and issues a payment receipt.
  • To not list/ unlist lawyers who have been found guilty of participation in unfair dealings, or, illegal and antisocial activities by the bar council.
  • To not list/ unlist lawyers who do not have valid credentials, or, whose credentials are found to be fake.
  • To unlist lawyers who attempt to misuse the system in any way.
  • To encourage lawyers to submit as accurate and correct information as possible.
  • To ensure fair rating and that the rating system does not get manipulated by fake reviews, irrelevant and direct marketing content, spam and other malicious attacks.


advocateschandigarh.com is a platform – free of charge for the users, to find their own best lawyer in Chandigarh and connect with them for advice, guidance and legal assistance within their budget.

We also attempt to provide free of cost written/ audio and video information to the users about laws, legal procedures, and court process. 

We encourage user to find among experienced, popular, top rated and top listed advocates in Chandigarh who they find to be capable in handling their legal matters. Users can even do a location based search. Our prerogative as a portal is to try that users do not get misguided and reach out to the right set of lawyers.

We encourage and invite valuable writings on varied subjects from famous lawyers in Chandigarh who conduct themselves with dignity and work honestly, transparently, diligently and promptly to bring relief to their clients.

We encourage the top rated and verified lawyers to provide articles and information on various laws, interpretation, recent developments, and legal procedures, so that the users get to find the right direction.




Find expert business dispute lawyers who can give right advice on various business aspects such as trade and operations, licensing, regulations, marketing, sales, branching, contracting etc.



Find your best criminal lawyer in Chandigarh who you think can expertly handle your legal matter and increase your chances of getting timely justice.



Find efficient corporate lawyer to meet legal challenges faced by modern-day corporate entities, such as – capital, regulations, policy, expansion etc.


Find your best lawyers in Chandigarh High Court, and District and Sessions Court of Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali. See who is the best lawyer who agrees to side with you in a battle for your property rights.


Find your best divorce Advocate in Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali. Look for experienced and verified divorce lawyers in Chandigarh for protection of your rights.


Find and connect with the right immigration lawyer for you, who shows you to the right path and help you make a great decision towards your life and career.




– Focused attention by competent lawyers who work diligently to find the best possible relief for their clients.

– Support and winning advantage of highly experienced lawyers who maintain a complete track record.

– Highly sophisticated and elite lawyers to improve your chances and to avoid the risk of losing time and money by getting into misguided litigation.

– Complete transparency of dealings. Advance price quotation on services. Written Contract. No hidden charges or billing issues which cause a breach of trust.

– contact details of the best lawyers in Chandigarh who are well-read, well-traveled, and maintain international standards of professionalism.

– connect options with VERIFIED and top rated lawyer/ advocate/ law firm in Chandigarh.

– winning your legal battle without any fear of being overcharged, crossed upon, or misguided at the hands of inexperienced and unprofessional lawyers.

Our Philosophy


The Law Comes First

Law is a work of genius. It is a method which guarantees rights to all its subjects. Observing law is a noble pursuit.


Honest Communication

Any gap can be bridged by communication and if there is honesty in communication, any evil can be defeated, any battle can be won.


Committed to Excellence

Excellence is the worship of a professional. Strive for excellence and you’ll end up doing something great.

Let’s Work Together Towards Finding you the Best Lawyer in CHANDIGARH!