B&B Associates is a Law Firm based in Chandigarh Tricity committed to the wellbeing of laws and society. The Firm aims at providing the Best Advocate Services as may justice calls for. B&B Associates is registered as Limited Liability Partnership (L.L.P.) with the ministry of Commerce, India.


From daily updates on the coded laws to popular media wave to scenario changing judgments from courts to the infamous international agreement signed last night and a night before – to the new claims arising in the neighborhood and the one next to it – and a possible relief in every such situation; a lawyer must receive, analyze and understand all inputs from the society as it forms and reforms itself, especially all aspects of human dealings, for they never are isolated – from the principles of right and wrong; and therefore from – morality, ethics and Laws. An advocate shall work to aid the Courts which constantly evolve with laws, therefore, a lawyer must too. We at B&B Associates keep sharpening our acumen and improving our methods. Ultimately, the expertise is about ensuring the best case specific relief in an efficiently managed, back-casted timeline. The Best Advocates are the ones well-informed; who practice laws objectively, conduct an in depth examination and analyze logically as to what the cause of justice demands. We believe in rigorously pursuing the course of justice.


Lt. Sh. M.C. Bhandari (1922 – 2016)
The idea of a Firm which endeavors to deliver exemplary services in the field of law and justice first occurred to the visionary mind of Lt. Sh. M.C. Bhandari way back in 1975 when he was a Practitioner in Excise Law. His dream is now shared over three generations and is much alive.


The patrons have been practicing laws since over last three decades and have garnered finest of the acumen through a vast experience in various fields of law. The firm has been founded with an idea of providing the best possible legal services to its clients and litigants. The members of the firm are the ace of their respective fields and have proven their matter against toughest of the challenges time and again.