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Advertisements have been regarded as ‘commercial speech’ by Supreme Court (Tata Press Limited v. Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited, (1995) 5 SCC 139 (Tata Press case), which is a part of fundamental right to speech and expression under Article 19 (1)(a) of the constitution of India. Advertising Standards Council of India ASCI is the leading body that sets rules and regulations with respect to advertisements. The body promotes self-regulation in advertising and ensures consumer interest protection. An advertisement is a way through which information about sellers and their products are easily disseminated. One of the famous English writers of all time H.G. Wells once said that ‘advertising is legalized lying’.

This creates a spotlight on the predicament created by advertising agencies and their effect on consumers mind. Similar kind of situation arises when we go into the field of mass media communication, which has become the soul of modern society because it has a strong influence over society.

Today, in the politically advanced digital world, mass media has the power to make or unmake governments and to control such solid impact it is important to have various laws and rules enacted from time to time and therefore it is important to search for best media advocates Chandigarh who are pro at assessing situations and providing strong defense.

Today there is a need for organized and systematized Advertising and Media Law in India. There has been an increase in issues such as Right to privacy, Net Neutrality, Fake Advertisements, Regulatory Standards etc. and hence there is a need for strong action and attention. Best High Court practicing lawyers in Chandigarh are always aware of the important decisions that are taken up at the national level of advertisement and media laws. On one hand, with time the right to speech and expression have been taken for granted and celebrated by media houses and on the other advertising and media have been kings, watchdogs, and whistle-blowers.

However, to guarantee non-biased and genuine portrayal of facts, it is important that these media houses and advertising agencies have a watchdog over them too. Through this platform, we provide for a group of best Advertising and Media Advocates in Chandigarh who understand consumer/viewers sentiments with respect to various media and advertisement related issues.
A competitive environment in the field of media and advertisement market often leads to distorts realities and exaggerated facts which affect impressionable minds. Having dealt with numerous media communication-related cases previously and proceeding to do as such, best Media lawyers in Chandigarh have varied understanding and knowledge of laws related to the field.

Each case has a unique aspect that needs attention and a distinct solution. Best Advertising and Media Advocates in Chandigarh possess well-proven knowledge and expertise in the field of Advertising and media laws and have been taking up eminent cases in Chandigarh High Court constantly aiming at optimum results.

Best lawyers in Chandigarh are devoted to discover such unmistakable arrangements and to take a shot at every single case carefully and enthusiastically to accomplish what the customer wants.

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