Arbitration Lawyers in Chandigarh

As a major Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) practice, Arbitration saves litigants, as well as Courts, from a great deal of expense of time and money. A business dispute requires a great deal of attention to the detail and a clear understanding of the bundle of rights arising out of contractual obligations between the parties. connects huge business groups and corporates with the best Arbitration Advocates in Chandigarh to help them avail the best legal services and increase their chances of success in an arbitration matter. The Top Lawyers in Chandigarh renowned in the field of Arbitration, have the right knowledge and proficiency to understand intricate and complicated aspects of business transactions and contractual compliance. They are also well versed with the legal techniques and procedures which brings the best possible case specific relief. We ensure that we connect only with the Arbitration lawyers who have the skill and experience, and conduct with a great deal of passion and professionalism. Our arbitration advocates are required to disclose their charges in advance and to sign a proper retainer contract with the client mentioning the services which are to be provided. We ensure that the lawyers work with diligence and serve the clients with a spirit of commitment.

The best arbitration Advocates in Chandigarh can provide you step-by-step advice, guidance, and assistance for:

  • Giving out a notice as per the contract.
  • Appointment of an arbitrator
  • Preparing and filing of claim/ reply/ rejoinder
  • Filing of evidence/ additional evidence, examining of evidence
  • Argument and Award
  • Execution of Arbitral Award
  • Challenging an Arbitral Award if it is found to be perverse in law.
  • or with availing any available parallel remedy.
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