Top Civil Lawyers in Chandigarh

Apart from the Kings Court, the Anglo-Saxon judiciary is oldest formal form of judiciary in Common law. Civil law deals with the legal rights of an individual or juristic person. Civil law is a difficult area of litigation and civil lawyers in Chandigarh ought to be thorough about the provisions of CPC, Indian Evidence Act and any other substantive law which have been invoked in the case. The art of drafting plaint, written statement and miscellaneous applications as per the provisions of CPC keeping in mind the interest of the client is an essence of the civil law. The moment something is drafted wrongly or improperly, there are chances that the provision of law which are being invoked in a particular case are no longer applicable as a result of improper drafting. Framing of issues should also be taken very seriously by the civil advocates in Chandigarh as the judgment will answer the issues framed in the case. If any of the party has any objection to the framing of issues, it can approach the Hon’ble High Court under the revision petition. It has rightly been pointed out that  the art of cross-examination is a dying art. The cross-examination can bring a wealth of knowledge in a case. It can demolish false accusations. Cross-examination must be done properly and effectively while keeping in mind the provisions of the Indian Evidence Act, the relief sought in the plaint, and the strong and weak points of the parties. The best Civil lawyers in Chandigarh and in Chandigarh High Court have expertise over the procedural aspect of the civil law as well as an eye to find out minute mistakes in pleadings, evidence and the judgement of the trial court. Top civil advocates in Chandigarh are sought for their acquired acumen to filter wrong findings and observations in the judgement of the trial court as well as misinterpretation and misapplication of law.

It is important for the litigants on the civil side to identify their legal rights before proceeding toward litigation otherwise there are no chances that the relief sought could be granted by the courts. helps you connect with top notch civil lawyers in Chandigarh. Users can go through the profiles of the listed top rated, verified and select their best civil lawyer in Chandigarh.

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