Constitutional & Writ Lawyers in Chandigarh

The constitution only gives people the right to pursue happiness, you have to catch it yourself. The quote stresses over all the citizens enjoying their rights well and performing their duties thoroughly. The best constitutional and writ lawyers in Chandigarh registered at Advocates Chandigarh are highly dependable for their profound knowledge and years of experience. Any kind of constitutional law contravention or infringement of a person’s rights can be best sorted by these expert constitutional lawyers in Chandigarh.

The supreme law of India i.e., Constitution of India demarcates the framework how the country has to be run. Whether it’s about political code, procedures, structures, powers of the government or the fundamental rights, responsibilities, or directive principles of the citizen, it is all mentioned in this document. This document of supreme law was first adopted at 26th November, 1949 by our constituent assembly and every citizen is subjected to follow to the fullest. And you are encountering abolition of your constitutional rights, astoundingly doyen constitutional and writ lawyers in Chandigarh with us are always keen to help you out.

The Indian constitution governs union, states, courts (district, high court, supreme court), panchayats, municipalities, scheduled areas, tribal areas, cooperative societies, and much more. Overall this supreme document of this sovereign and democratic country safeguard the interest of every citizen. And as we know lawyers are the foot soldiers of Indian constitution. This implies that in case of any discrimination or abolition of fundamental rights of a person, lawyer is the first person who can lead you to justice.

And somehow if you are a resident of this beautiful union territory and need legal help of the best constitutional and writ advocate in Chandigarh, Advocates Chandigarh has made that easy for all the justice seekers with providing the list of senior advocates in Chandigarh High Court and Supreme Court lawyers too.

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