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Have your consumer rights been breached?

Do you need the protection of Consumer Rights in Chandigarh? helps users find and reach out to their best consumer law advocates and top consumer lawyers in Chandigarh for protection of consumer rights and interest. The consumer protection act was legislated in order to save the consumer from sufferings at the hands of greedy sellers/ traders/ manufacturers and to ensure that a fair trade practice is followed. The best consumer lawyers in Chandigarh help their clients in the following manner:

1. Preparing and filing a consumer notice.

2. Preparing and filing of Consumer Dispute Complaint Case.

3. Pleading and Argument in a Consumer Dispute Case.

4. Defending in a false dispute case and claim filed by a consumer.

Pecuniary jurisdiction in consumer dispute matters:

Consumer Disputes claims of up to 20 lakhs are settled by the District Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum.

Consumer Disputes claims of up to 20 lakhs to 1 crore are settled by the State Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission.

Consumer Disputes claims of above Rs. 1 crore are settled by the National Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission.

Prior to instituting a case before the District forum or the State or National Commission, it is mandatory to serve a demand notice and await a period of 30 days upon service of such notice upon the defendant.

Consumer disputes are settled in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act.

A good consumer dispute advocate or a consumer lawyer in Chandigarh will keenly listen to their client to understand their problem and suffering and to understand how their rights have been breached. The best consumer lawyers in Chandigarh prepare their cases with diligence and go into the detail of the facts and circumstances of the case in order to bring out the merit in the case of their client. As a matter of practice, a good consumer lawyer can be expected to maintain high levels of professionalism and a transparent relation with their client. It is important that a lawyer informs about the expected timeline and expenditure to be incurred in the process. The best consumer lawyers also provide a fair idea to the client about the available recourse and their chances of success in the matter.

It is important that when the client goes to meet the lawyer, they carry all essential documents related to the case and also prepare a brief narration, and list out questions and concerns. 



User can use for free in order to find the contact details of various consumer lawyers in Chandigarh and find and consult the best consumer lawyers for themselves. 


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