The Best Criminal Lawyers in Chandigarh.

The acts and omissions which are made penal in nature by law are called Crimes. The Criminal law is broadly divided into substantive law and procedural law. The procedural law is governed by Cr.P.C. and the Indian Evidence Act. Whereas, Substantive Law can be IPC, Prevention of Corruption Act, Dowry Prohibition Act or any other act which is penal in nature. Criminal lawyers in Chandigarh, essentially take care of substantive law as well as the procedural law related to the matter. Unfettered importance is given to the procedural aspect in a criminal trial which can even vitiate the trial. The best criminal advocates in Chandigarh High Court are renowned for keeping an eagle’s eye and picking up minute details of criminal trials. The criminal law practice in the High Court substantially differs from that of the trial court, as the case is heard on the appellate stage and is tested on the legality rather than evidence. It is very important for criminal advocates in Chandigarh High Court to keep updating themselves with the ever-evolving law laid down by the Hon’ble Apex Court from time to time. The importance of the Constitutional law cannot be ignored in criminal trials and at the appellate stage as the Constitution is the Grundnorm (fundamental norm) of the country. All the laws should be in consonance with the Constitution of India. Top criminal lawyers in Chandigarh have exceptionally good knowledge of Constitutional law which gives them an edge over the ordinary. Extensive reading is a common practice of all top criminal lawyers in Chandigarh. Their reading is not limited to criminal law or law in general but extends to almost every subject related to the matter. 

A word of advice for litigants: Be careful while choosing a criminal lawyer. Do not settle for the mediocre but choose the best available criminal lawyer in Chandigarh for your matter. Also, keep aware of all proceedings in the matter and before the court.

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