Environmental Law Advocates in Chandigarh

The past couple of decades have been heavy on the environment.

Damaging effects of pollution in the environment has affected the quality of life dramatically.

Focusing on the environ-human right concept many treaties and conventions have been signed between nations.

Toady right to environmental protection means the right to life because the entire human race is dependent upon safe and pollution free environment.

Environmental lawyers are fighting battles at Chandigarh High Court with an idea that there is a correlation between environment and human rights which cannot be denied because they are complementary to each other.

Top environmental lawyers in Chandigarh are challenging government constructions that are damaging trees and soil and resulting in the irreversible environmental loss.

A number of public interest litigation is being filled at Chandigarh High court by Environmental law advocates forcing polluting industries to shut down.

Right to clean and healthy environment is a fundamental right and best environmental lawyers in Chandigarh have a history of resolving environmental battles where right to life is being curtailed due to environmental problems.

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