Human Rights Lawyers in Chandigarh

Human right means where everyone needs to be treated fairly, equally and with dignity. Every human is entitled to basic human right treatment irrespective of their caste, creed, color, race. As stated by the Human Rights law, it is a fundamental right of every person to be protected by the state against inhuman act against them. Indian Constitution guarantees the fundamental human right to life and liberty and along with that provides a remedy under Article 32 which is known as the heart and soul of the constitution. Under the said article and human being whose fundamental rights has been violated can directly approach the highest of the court which is the Supreme Court and seek redressal. Human rights lawyers in Chandigarh are focused and skilled in handling cases which are questioning the human rights situation. Practicing human rights lawyers of Chandigarh High court are passionate, energetic and committed towards human rights laws and have extensive experience of winning difficult cases. Infringement of human rights can be in various forms and it is important to have the right kind of advice and a legal team. Top human rights advocates in Chandigarh understand the nuances of such cases across different areas of law. They are experts and have experience in building strong cases supporting the victim of the human right violation. India in consonance with the United Nation Human rights laws enacted protection of Human rights act 1993 ensuring accountability and strength of human rights in the country. Human rights protection Lawyers/Advocates in Chandigarh file writs, complaints, and grievances in cases of human rights violations. Featuring the top human right lawyers in Chandigarh, who are motivated by the needs of their clients below.

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