Intellectual Property Lawyers in Chandigarh

Intellectual Property Lawyers in Chandigarh deal in array of legal matters related to:

1. Copyright

2. Patent

3. Trademark

4. Design

Intellectual Property literally means a property created by the use of intellectual capacity. The rationale behind the concept of intellectual property right is that creation is a work of genius, which involves important aspects such as mental work, time, dedication, focus, hard-work, research, problem solving, etc, whereas, subsequent duplication and recreation becomes a manual work – much easier to achieve. Therefore, in order to let the creator fairly, adequately, and exclusively compensate himself and reap the benefits of his investment, there comes the concept of reservation of intellectual property right with the creator. The intellectual property right can further be sold/ granted/ sanctioned/ licensed/ rented etc. by the owner of such right. 

The usage of Intellectual property right dates back to the time when the inventor/ creator under the consent and declaration by the monarch, use to enjoy exclusivity and ownership of their creation. With time and the coming of democratic states, the law on IPR got formulated.

In Chandigarh, the intellectual Property is a rapidly evolving field of law as international business market is expanding and multi-national trade and corporate firms are touching the land and soil of Chandigarh and Neighboring Cities. To cater to their challenging, these companies need expert intellectual property lawyers and reputed intellectual property law firms in Chandigarh to cater to their growing needs. The following are the major requirements: 

IPR Filing: Filing of Trademark, Copyright, Design or Patent.

IPR Drafting: Drafting of Design and Patent and making a patent/ design application.

IPR contracting: Use and trade in IPR – Patent, copyright, trademark, design

IPR LITIGATION: In case of infringement or IPR theft, the companies may suffer an incalculable loss to their account, business and goodwill, therefore, times as critical as such require assistance of the best IPR Lawyers in Chandigarh who are genius advocates in Intellectual property law and can solve Intellectual Property Law matters efficaciously, and help the IPR owners to recover damages being caused to them. Injunction as to immediate estoppel of further theft, misappropriation, or, unlicensed usage of Intellectual Property can also be sought with the help of the learned and the best Advocates for Intellectual Property Law in Chandigarh.

We have listed out some of the best advocates and law firms for intellectual property law in Chandigarh. The Users can browse listings and find the most suitable intellectual property lawyer for themselves among listed – trusted, verified, top rated and experienced intellectual property lawyers in Chandigarh.

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