Labour Law Advocates in Chandigarh

Top Advocates of Chandigarh High Court have been engaged in proving labor law services in the field for over a decade now. A tripartite relationship between the workers, employing entities and trade union, is governed by labor laws. Labor law is a field where a relationship between employer, employee, trade unions and the government is regulated according to the rules and regulations to keep up harmony between them. The team of best labor lawyers understand the concept that both the employer and the employee need to maintain certain socially accepted standards that would support the rules and regulations which the labor law has been trying to achieve. The Best lawyers of Chandigarh believe in providing end-to-end services to clients.

The existence of labor rights is human rights concept and this is the reason as to why labor law is considered a complete domain in itself. The law ensures just and human conditions that need to be maintained at a workplace. It is the responsibility of the employers and the contractors to mandatorily adhere to the rules and regulations of labor laws.

Our best labor and service advocates in Chandigarh are dedicated labor law experts who have been carrying out consultations and labor law opinions with an aim to establish compliance under labor law. There are areas that require expert advice and support of best labor advocates in Chandigarh, who collectively work towards simplifying the matters in hand and help secure safety by preventing violation of labor rights.

Non-compliance of the labor laws with the rules and regulations under various enactments relating to labor rights can result in legal punishments-fine and imprisonment.

Best labor law Advocates in Chandigarh are having remarkable experience in the labor law field are committed to providing services including:

  • Correspondence and compliance services
  • Preparation and submission reports
  • Licensing and registration under labor laws
  • Advisory services
  • Litigation services
  • Documentation and maintenance of report services
  • Preparation of challans and calculation of liability
  • Other allied services under labor law

On a frequent basis, our Best advocates in Chandigarh have been taking up issues in the Chandigarh High Court related to employment, compensation, trade unions, lay off, promotions, accidents etc. Over the years our labor and service lawyers in Chandigarh have resolved numerous labor-related matters in different tribunals and courts keeping in mind the welfare of their client and that’s the motto every advocate in Chandigarh bevies in, ensuring best possible service.

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