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Overview of Family Law

What is Family Law?

Family law is the area of law concerned with disputes arising in families such as marriage, divorce, adoption, child custody, maintenance, guardianship, parental responsibility, inheritance etc. The legislations and statutes of family law govern legal rights and responsibilities of individuals sharing a domestic relationship. Of late, family law has also extended to cover parties that are not related to each other by blood or marriage. Now, personal intimate relationships such as live-in relationships are also covered in the ambit of family law.

In India, matrimonial concerns such as marriage, divorce, child custody and other related issues are governed by personal laws of each religion. The best family law advocates in Chandigarh can guide the parties according to their personal law primarily under:

  • Hindu: Hindu Marriage Act 1955.
  • Muslim: Muslim marriage is a contract under Muslim law.
  • Christian: Indian Christian Marriage Act 1872 and the Divorce Act 1869.
  • Parsi: Parsi Marriage and Divorce Act 1936

In addition to this, Special Marriage Act 1954 applies to all persons of all religions. Any individual can choose to marry under this civil legislation irrespective of his or her religion, caste or community. In such a case, divorce is also governed by the same Act.

Besides matrimonial disputes, the family law extends to issues related to succession, rights of women in ancestral property, family settlements, rights of biological or adopted child, will, disownment, rights of parents, conversion of religion etc.

Family Courts

Family Courts established under ‘The Family Court Act, 1984’ aim at promoting conciliation and/or speedy settlement of disputes related to family affairs. Best lawyers in Chandigarh provide mediation and litigation services in all family disputes under the personal laws.

Family law

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Landmark Judgments On Family Law

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