Abhishek M Uchil



Corporate Lawyer in Chandigarh 

A graduate from Symbiosis Law School, Pune, Mr. Abhishek Uchil holds a double degree in the faculties of Business and Law. Having liaised with renowned IT giants, Mr. Uchil, brings considerable experience in large contracts compliance, negotiation and contract management as well as an understanding of the ground realities of business and technology. He is among the very few corporate lawyer in Chandigarh who understand the minute details of international business, trade and corporate law and hold specialisation in the field. His expertise lies in drafting company contracts, engaging in negotiations with tough customers and clients as well as various stakeholders. He is an expert in post-closure management and has fine appreciation and deep understanding of US regulatory and compliance laws. Mr. Abhishek has had an experience of working with some of the top-notch clients of the corporate world.


Contract Management, Negotiations, Compliance and Corporate Litigation Expert:

Mr. Uchil’s roles have also involved handling diverse cross border transactions, pro-active business lawyering, M&As, advising the company’s management on various issues and handling company litigation. Mr. Uchil attained varied specializations, ranging from comparative constitution and insurance to human rights and international humanitarian law.


Corporate Lawyer in Chandigarh – Mentoring Startups

With his thorough understanding of the corporate needs of the modern day client, Mr. Uchil has been mentoring many Startups. From securing legal rights to preventing from legal liability and damages, Mr. Uchil ensures that no stone is left unturned while protecting the interest of his client. Mr. Uchil has had the opportunity to have dealt contract negotiations, compliance and management of the corporate giants.

Mr. Uchil aims to help the businesses achieve their objectives while remaining on the right side of the law. It is for his prudence that Mr. Uchil commands a healthy reputation of a trustworthy corporate law practitioner.



Corporate Lawyer in Chandigarh - Mr. Uchil


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