Nothing except what has been offered below is part of a “Premium” membership listing plan on Please read carefully:


Premium” profile members get added web-space and functionalities of the following nature:

  • All applicable Courts of Practice in the area can be marked in a premium listing.
  • All applicable Legal Service Categories can be marked in a premium listing.
  • Clients/ users can rate and review a premium listing. Web users tend to sort listings according to ratings and therefore highly rated premium listings may naturally enjoy added visibility. Read our policy on review & rating.
  • Contact details, exact office location on Map, office timings etc. can be marked in a premium listing.
  • Premium listings are displayed prior to unverified/ non-premium/ basic listings in search results as the relevance gets higher when the profile information gets verified.
  • Premium listings are verified by our team and a verified badge is added upon successful verification. The user may choose to sort verified listings in search results – which improves the overall profile visibility in search results. Read our policy on verification & verified listing.
  • Premium listings allows up to 10 photo uploads.
  • Premium listing has a “contact us” form which may be used by a user/ prospective client to submit a detailed request.
  • Premium listing members qualify to have their self-written articles published on and get due author credits – thereby increasing profile visibility. Read our article submission policy.
  • Premium members can make further in-website purchases such as featured slots, display banners, leads etc. based on availability.
  • Premium members can seek help related to any editing of the listing by writing to


  • The premium listing is live and visible for a period of 1 year when the user has paid Rs. 10000/- (Rupees ten thousand).
  • When a user sort listings according to their convenience, no priority is applicable for premium members and the listing results are displayed as per the sort functionality applied by the user.
  • The listing position of a premium member among the pool of premium members is fixed as per their sequence of enrollment (first come first basis) for the premium plan at the webspace of The sequence is retained for the member if the plan is renewed before its expiry, however, if the plan expires, the listing sequence can be sold out to another member at an appropriate price decided by and at the discretion of its owners/ team.
  • Premium listing space is NOT automatically Featured on top or on Home Page or on Banners or anywhere else. A premium member can ‘additionally’ purchase a featured listing space based on availability.


  • A premium member, for any reason whatsoever, can cancel their membership within 48 hours of making the payment for the premium membership. A 100% refund shall be processed within 48 hours of receiving a refund request.
  • can cancel a premium membership anytime out of its owner’s will and concern and issue a proportionate refund for the remaining term of the membership contract.
  • No refund is to be issued in case of a misrepresentation/ wrongful statement on the part of a premium member.


  • shall not refund any money paid by a user against the purchase of a premium membership after 48 hours. In case a user wishes to un-list/ de-list themselves after 48 hours, or, cancel their subscription, no refund shall be made. Once canceled, the user cannot reactivate the same listing and will have to start afresh as a new customer of and no balance/ rebate etc. is to be issued in such regard. Upon cancellation/ expiry of the term, the user loses the position/ sequence.
  • The functionalities of the website may at times go under maintenance and may not always function accurately. We do not guarantee accuracy. We do face an occasional downtime, fall-out issues, hacking issues, which can range from several minutes to several days – when we have shut the systems to ensure safety and security of our systems and data and conduct maintenance. Therefore, no refund, full, or, partial/ or extension of tenure shall be awarded to a premium member for any of the above mentioned discrepancies. The payment made by the premium members is with the understanding that such problems are a part of the package and cannot be excluded.


  • Listing cannot be transferred in any other person/ member/ firm/ business’s name.

Dispute resolution:

  • Any dispute arising out of this service/ agreement/. Contract shall be limited to the jurisdictions of courts and tribunals in Gopalpur, Odisha, India.