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Criminal Lawyers

Consult an experienced and a mastermind criminal lawyer who can help you find the best route to establish innocence and save from false persecution.

Civil Lawyers

Meet the best civil lawyers in Chandigarh with vast experience, and find the best possible solution in your civil law matter.

Divorce Lawyers

Have the support of an expert and experienced divorce lawyer to help you protect your rights in a divorce matter.

Arbitration Lawyers

Our highly-ranked arbitration lawyers will swiftly guide you through the process and ensure that your rights are always safeguarded.

Industrial Projects & Infrastructure Lawyers

Receive top-rated legal services in all segments of the infrastructure and energy industries with the best industrial projects and infrastructure lawyers.

Industrial / Factory Lawyers

Lawyers having decades of experience in handling industry and factory laws are a must to help you adopt the required legal route.

Corporate Lawyers

Highly qualified and effective corporate lawyers to route for you the best legal solutions and help you choose the best recourse.

Land Property Lawyers

Consult the best property lawyers to help you steer your property disputes and associated needs in a proper direction.

Immigration Lawyers

Give your life and career a new height by adopting the right and legal route to immigration by the help of an expert lawyer.

Service/Employment Lawyers

The most sought after employment/service lawyers will help businesses save time & money with their legal employment needs.

Intellectual Property Lawyers

Hire well experienced and learned lawyers to help protect your rights towards estate and property.

Banking Lawyers

Find the best banking and finance lawyers for assistance and advice on general corporate banking, real estate, asset-based lending and acquisition finance.

Consumer Lawyers

Get a veteran consumer lawyer to protect your interests and rights by making marketplace a safer place to relish goods and services under the statutes of consumer law (state and federal law).

IT and Cyber Lawyers

Get the assistance of a multidisciplinary team of lawyers on all issues surrounding cybersecurity, from building cyber resilience to receive a tailored client service.

Education Lawyers

Get in touch with the highly-rated Educational lawyers who advocate fair education for all students and fair work environment for teachers, school staff and administrators.

Contract Lawyers

Hire contract lawyers who are specialists in reviewing and drafting commercial contracts and agreements for corporates, individuals and small businesses.

Crime Against Women

Condemning any kind of crime against women (domestic violence, cruelty, murder, sexual assault, etc), and helping umpteen clients to finally obtain justice through the most experienced lawyers.

Constitutional & Writ Lawyers

Look up for the best constitutional lawyers to serve you and fight for your fundamental rights, writ petitions, public interest litigation in the Supreme court and various High Courts.

Family Lawyers

Hire the most experienced family lawyers when dealing with matrimonial cases, child custody, maintenance, mutual divorce, contested divorce, or similar proceedings.

International Trade Lawyers

Seek the help of the best international trade lawyers around you who know how to navigate the network of global trade regulations.

Advertising & Media Lawyers

Get access to the top-rated Media and advertising attorneys to get the necessary advice, for regulatory compliance of advertising campaigns on social media, online and mobile advertising, etc.

Labour Law Advocates

Take the help of most eminent labor lawyers for analyzing and negotiating the disputes among employee, employer, and labor unions in accordance with the labor laws.

Motor Accident & MACT Lawyers

If you have suffered a motor accident, you need an expert MACT lawyer to help you understand the case better and file a claim to compensate for the injuries and loss suffered by you.

Sports Lawyers

Hire experienced Sports Lawyers who can act as a lawyer and an Agent to represent the interests of clients.

Personal Injury Lawyers

Get in contact with the best personal injury lawyers who are committed to improving services provided to victims of personal injury.

International Law

Get legal Advice from top-rated international law lawyers in to provide you assistance in various issues related to international law

Taxation Lawyers

Find tax lawyers to navigate you through the complex world of taxation.

Human Rights Lawyers

Connect to lawyers working for the cause of human rights who aim to help victims of abuse find justice.

Environmental Law Advocates

Hire environmental lawyers/advocates who represent their clients in environmental matters, compliance issues, and advocate for development in environmental law and policy.

Marriage Registration Lawyers

Looking for a lawyer to get the marriage certificate for you and your spouse? Time to get in touch with us.